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Regulations and car hire suggestions

If you are coming from overseas and planning to drive, please make sure you follow the rules and regulatons. We have put together a list with the most important and useful ones for your safety and comfort.

The county of Kent offers an excellent road network that allows every passenger to access distant locations in the area easily and safely. Driving a car in the county is a great opportunity for you to discover the magnificent Garden of England and also gives you more flexibility with your journey.

Please beware of the fact that in the UK we drive on the LEFT and you need to be cautious when entering roundabouts. Join the roundabout on the left make sure you give priority to traffic on your right.

Here are also a few suggestions for some nationally recognised car rental companies, if you are planning to rent a car.

Car Hire Companies

Conveniently located by the Port of Dover, Avis is a perfect choice for cruise passengers. Another option is the internationally recognised Enterprise. Within a close proximity to Dover Museum, they would suit every need of the cruise visitor.

Driving License

If you intend to drive in the UK you will need;

A full valid driving license issued in a European Community/European Economic Area or;

A valid, full national license or;

An International Driving Permit (issued abroad).

Legal Requirements

Seat belts must be worn by all drivers and passengers in the vehicle

Using mobile phones and similar devices is not permitted when the engine is running, even when the vehicle is stationary

Children are required to use car seats or restraints.

Driving after the consumption of alcohol is not recommended and can only be done within the legal blood/alcohol limit.

Helmet must be worn by motorcyclists

For a more information please see the Department for Transport.

Speed Limits

The speed limits depend on the type of road and the vehicle you're driving. The following limits apply for cars and motorcycles:

Built-up areas - 30 mph (48kph)

Single Carriageway - 60 mph (96 kph)

Dual Carriageway and Motorways - 70 mph (112 kph)

For more information visit Kent Road Safety (easy to understand and practical guide available in different languages).